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Land Partnership

  • Land Partnership

    To those who currently own incredible land but do not want to be involved in the day-to-day operations, we offer a partnership where you provide the land and we run all marketing and operations.

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  • Franchise Opportunity

    For those who own land but lack the financing to get your businesses operational, we offer a partnership where you provide the land and day-to-day operations and we offer the financing.

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The Opportunity

The market is extremely saturated for entry level glamping tents and domes with low ADRs. Similarly, there are multiple extremely high-end resorts that cost guests thousands of dollars per night. We aim to bridge that gap.

Wilding is poised to be the flagship hotel brand for high end outdoor hospitality, reaching a vast market of customers who do not wish to choose between comfort and experience, all while paying a fair price.

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Partner with Us
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